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20% 入金ボーナス

20% 増のトレーディングパワーでアドバンテージを獲得

VT Markets は現在、1,000 ドル以上の入金で 20% のボーナスを提供しており、最大 10,000 ドルまでの追加資金で取引できます!お客様は、口座を開設し、以下のオプトインフォームにご記入いただくだけです。そして、お客様のご入金が当社担当チームによって確認された後、お客様の口座にボーナスが入金されます
ボーナスを受け取るには、口座に 1000 ドル以上入金し、以下のオプトインフォームに必要事項を記入するだけです。このボーナスは入金の度にお申込みいただけます。



たった 4 つの簡単な手続きで、20% のボーナスを獲得できます!"




少なくとも 1,000 ドル (ベースカレンシー) をお客様のライブ取引口座に入金してください。




これで完了です! 20% 増しのトレードパワーをお楽しみください!


VT Markets Credit Bonus Scheme (IT) Terms and Conditions

This offer is provided by VT Markets, traded under VT Markets LLC (herein “the Company” or “VT Markets”), to the Company’s clients.


  1. This offer is available from 25th January 2021, and updated at 9th July 2021 & 9th Feb 2023.

  2. This offer is available to all VT Markets’ Clients who resides in Japan.

  3. VT Markets will offer this to new and existing clients at its discretion. If you are not sure about your eligibility, please contact [email protected].

  4. New clients must open a new live account with VT Markets (meaning, not a “demo” account). By opening a new account with VT Markets, the client acknowledges they have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and VT Markets’ Terms and Conditions.

  5. You will be automatically opt-in to this offer if you are eligible after your live trading account is opened. If you would like to change your mind whether to participate in this offer, you can log in to you Client Portal and change the status under “Promotion” tab.

  6. Eligible clients will receive credit bonus that is equal to 20% of your deposit made every time.

  7. The credit amount is capped at a maximum of $10,000 per eligible client at any time during this offer.

  8. Your bonus will be credited to your trading account within 1 business day after we verify your deposit.

  9. Internal transfers, balance or cash adjustments, Introducer/Affiliate rebates or commissions of any kind will not be considered new deposits and therefore will not be counted towards this offer.

  10. Credit amounts cannot be withdrawn. Profits made will be reflected in your account value.Similarly, any losses made will be deducted from your account value. Any profits generated from the utilization of the bonus are available for withdrawal as per our withdrawal procedure.

  11. If you opt to withdraw your original deposit, a partial/full trading credit will be removed from your account accordingly. “Original deposit” means the full deposit amount you made to your account historically.

  12. You cannot transfer your bonus between your trading accounts.

  13. If your account equity is less than the trading credit on your account, the remaining credit may be withdrawn at our discretion, which could in turn force a stop out of all open positions on your account.

  14. This program can be retracted at any time of VT Markets’ choosing and account eligibility will be subject to our discretion.

  15. Your credit will be removed at the time this promotion offer ends without further notice.



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