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    January 4, 2023

    If you want to trade on the forex market, you need a platform you can trust — this is where you will find all the tools and features you need to analyse market movements and open and close positions on forex pairs. Many platforms are available, but VT Markets seeks to help our users narrow their choices and connect with some of the most intuitively designed and powerful tools available.

    We offer MetaTrader 4 here on the VT Markets site. Once you have set up your VT Markets account, you’ll be able to download the MT4 platform and get started immediately. From here, you can begin to grow your experience and make trades either on the demo or the live version of the platform. We recommend using the demo MT4 account first to build your confidence and understanding before you start to make trades for real.

    So what are the first steps? To begin, you’ll need to choose which version of MetaTrader 4 to download. This will depend upon what device you are using. Take a look at our guide below to find out more about how to download the platform.

    Downloading MetaTrader 4 — A straightforward guide to help you get started

    You can download and use MT4 across various devices and operating systems, providing traders with a more flexible and capable set of options. These include most desktop devices and operating systems and mobile and tablet devices.

    Downloading the MT4 platform for desktop and laptop

    Desktop and laptop devices tend to be more powerful than your smartphone or tablet, offering more storage capability and scoring higher on other key metrics. The extra capacity and power of the device enable you to get the most out of the software, as this was the operating environment it was originally designed for. Many users prefer to download MT4 on a PC or laptop device.

    • Download MetaTrader 4 for Microsoft Windows — Most laptop and desktop devices still use the Microsoft Windows operating system, and MT4 is designed for use on this OS.
    • Download MetaTrader 4 for Apple Mac OS — Many users prefer Apple’s Mac OS, and all Macs and computers developed by Apple will run this OS. You can download MT4 to your Mac if required.
    • Download MetaTrader 4 for Linux — Linux is not as widely used as Windows and Mac OS. Still, developers have used the open-source system to create many operating systems, many of which have become popular. The Linux OS does support the MetaTrader 4 platform.
    Downloading the MT4 platform for smartphones and tablets

    While MT4 was initially developed with the power and function of desktop devices in mind, it is now available in smartphone and tablet versions. These versions help traders enjoy a far more convenient experience, with market data and trading tools right in the palm of their hand, even when they are out and about.

    • Download MetaTrader 4 for Apple iOS Devices — Like with the Mac OS, many users are experts in using Apple products and prefer to utilise Apple OS versions of software and apps. To support this, MT4 is available for download on Apple’s iPhone and iPad products. While the tablet version provides more detailed views, traders can still utilise all the required features on the mobile version. 
    • Download MetaTrader 4 for Android Devices — Android devices are becoming increasingly popular among smartphone and mobile users, and various Android operating systems power various products in the market. If you have one of these devices, you’ll be able to have MT4 downloaded on your Android smartphone or tablet.

    Your guide to a successful MetaTrader 4 download

    It’s easy to download the MT4 platform you need when you use VT Markets. With a handy wizard feature, downloading and setup is largely automated. Follow these handy steps to complete your installation.

    • Step One — Create your VT Markets account here on the website. Add your personal information, confirm your identification, and then add funds to your account.
    • Step Two — Log into your VT Markets account and head to the top banner menu on any page on the VT Markets site. Select MetaTrader 4 in the drop-down menu and open this page. From here, select the link to begin to download for the operating system and device you are using.
    • Step Three — Open the .exe file and follow the wizard to complete the laptop and desktop devices setup. Move through the different screens of the wizard, select a download file folder and configure your options. The platform will be saved in your default download file if you don’t do this. Select Finish once you reach the end of the wizard. If you are using a mobile or tablet device, it will be saved to your app folder, and the installation will take place automatically.
    • Step Four — Log into the MT4 platform and use the features. You can grow your experience over time, utilising features such as MT4 indicators to execute more advanced trading and predictive functions.

    Understanding the different MT4 trading accounts

    You will want to take some time to develop your experience and gain confidence using the platform. While there are never any guarantees with forex trading — and even more experienced traders can find that their positions are not always successful — learning how to trade forex carefully will help you make future strategic decisions. With this in mind, we offer two versions of the MT4 platform for download. Learn more about these below.

    Downloading and using the demo version of MT4

    The demo version of MT4 is the same as the full version. You’ll still be able to take advantage of all of the different features and tools built into the platform, and you’ll have the opportunity to grow your skills and experience in a meaningful way. The only major difference is that there is no real money changing hands. As this is just a demo account, you won’t be executing trades for real. Of course, this means there’s no potential for profit, but there’s no risk either.

    We highly recommend you use the demo account for a while when you first download MetaTrader 4. Even if you already have some experience with trading forex, you’ll need time to learn how to use MT4 and to grow acquainted with the specific features of the platform. The risk-free environment of the demo account is perfect for achieving this. 

    Downloading and using the live version of MT4

    When you download the live version of MetaTrader 4, you gain access to all of the platform’s features, from indicators and other predictive tools to those used in active trading. In this sense, it’s almost the same as the demo version, only this version of MT4 supports live trades.

    This means you can make money when you open and close positions on the live version of the platform, but there’s also the potential to lose money. Bear this risk in mind, and trade conservatively. If you decide to maximise your exposure in the market with margin trading or leverage trading on forex pairs, you will increase the risk level. 

    The margin in FX refers to the amount of money you will need to put forward to control a position. Trading on the margin means you are essentially borrowing capital from the broker, which will need to be paid back. Leverage works similarly, maximising the stake you control and involves borrowing capital directly from the broker.

    Only adopt these forms of trading if you are confident with using the MetaTrader 4 version you downloaded and after you have spent time learning forex and practising on the demo version of the platform.

    Download MT4 and start growing your trading experience

    We want to ensure that our users have access to all the tools and platforms they need to develop their experience as they trade forex. This is why we provide a roster of industry-leading software pieces designed to help traders open and close positions according to their unique strategies. 

    There are always risks involved with this kind of trading, which is why it’s a good idea to practise using the features of MT4 after you download it. To do this, simply use the demo account, and enjoy all the features in a risk-free environment. When you feel ready, you can graduate to the live trading account and open positions for real. Want to learn more about our platform? Reach out to our team today.