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4 Things Traders Can Learn From Chess Genius Magnus Carlsen

Gain a mental edge and enhance your trading with inspiration from the world’s top-ranked chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.


Brave New World: How AI Is Changing Forex Trading Forever

Arguably more than any other sector, the world of forex trading has consistently been shaped by the onset of new technology. When the concept of trading assets in a public setting first came about, traders literally used to call out (yes, verbally!) the assets they intended to trade. However, the trading of currencies has evolvedContinue Reading


4 Things Sports Can Teach Us About Trading

As sportswriting legend Bill Simmons once said, “The secret to basketball is that it isn’t about basketball.” To Simmons, who built his media career off of being an unabashed fan of Boston sports, watching sports isn’t necessarily about the sports but about everything else that affects it—relationships, personalities, and internal struggles.  While this might beContinue Reading


4 Trading Lessons from HBO Hit Series Succession

If you haven’t started on the recently concluded HBO hit series Succession, you might come in expecting to hate it. Centred around the fictional Roy family, the show tracks three greedy siblings—Kendall, Roman, and Shiv—and their attempts to wrest control of the family business. With its gritty premise and edgy, morally grey characters, we wouldn’tContinue Reading


Hedging in Forex trading

Hedging is a process to protect the position we take in a currency pair (referred to as an asset) from the risk of loss caused by unexpected events. It is a method that involves opening two opposite positions, namely, Buy and Sell, with the same lot on a currency pair/asset. For example, you have aContinue Reading