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Mastering Forex Fundamentals
Understanding Currency Pairs

This is the foundation of Forex trading. Every trade involves two currencies, forming a pair. The first, the base currency, determines the trade's direction, while the second, the quote currency, reveals its value.

Role of Central Bank in Forex

The episode covers the influence of major central banks like the Fed, ECB, BoJ, and BoE on currency valuations through monetary policy and interest rate adjustments. It discusses how interest rate changes affect currency strength, using the Fed's rate increase and the ECB's lower rates as examples. Additionally, the episode examines the impact of quantitative easing on the Forex market, particularly the Fed's actions post-2008 crisis, highlighting the importance for traders to stay informed and align strategies with central bank cues for successful trading.

Live Trading Sessions
Real-time Analysis of Market Opportunities

This episode will unlock the power of real-time analysis and explore how it impacts identifying and seizing market opportunities. Tools for implementation and compelling case study will be utilised to clarify how real-time analysis can turn market events into profitable actions.

Profitable Forex Tactics
Scalping Strategies for Short-Term Gains

Scalping in forex trading appeals for quick profits through capturing small price movements. Leveraging technical indicators, selecting optimal time frames, and managing risk effectively are the key strategies that impact to success in scalping.

Navigating the Forex Landscape
Analyzing Major Currency Trends

This podcast will delve into major currency trends in forex trading. It defines these trends as crucial navigational tools for traders and explores their influencers: economic data, geopolitical events, and central bank policies.

Deep Dives into Forex Niches
Cryptocurrencies in the Forex Market

Traders will learn the opportunities and complexities presented by the integration of cryptocurrencies into the forex landscape. The discussion highlights the benefits, including accessibility and volatility, while addressing potential challenges.

Guest Speaker
Understanding Currency Pairs

Styliana Charalampous

DECEMBER 14, 2023

Fed makes long-awaited pivot towards cutting rates, markets rejoice. Dow Jones soars to new all-time high, S&P 500 approaches its previous record. Dollar takes a dive as Treasury yields sink, gold rallies. SNB also holds rates, ECB and BoE decisions coming up next.

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