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    MT4 for iPhone

    January 11, 2023

    MetaTrader 4 is a platform with charting tools, analytical tools, and indicators for technical analysis. It also offers news feeds and other features that appeal to chart-based and fundamental traders. Additionally, it works for automated algorithmic trading. 

    MetaTrader 4 (often shortened to MT4) is flexible and accessible in terms of its charting tools, indicators, and trading windows. It is available on all major operating systems and different types of devices. A version for desktop and laptop computers is available for download, and you can access the platform via a browser-based system. There are also MT4 for iPhone and Android apps. 

    The MetaTrader 4 iPhone app has many of the same customisation options available on desktop and browser-based platforms. The big advantage of MT4 is that you can trade on a computer and switch to your MetaTrader 4 iPhone app when you are away from your desk or office. You can access your favourite markets if you have a data or WiFi connection. 

    After you download MT4 for Apple iPhone, you can trade forex, share CFDs, indices, metal, and energy markets. 

    Here is an in-depth look at the process, advantages, and features of MT4 for iPhone.

    Metatrader 4 iPhone download requirements

    You can download MT4 for iPhone and iPad from the Apple App Store so long as you meet the following download requirements:

    • Your device needs iOS 7.0 or later. 
    • You need 12.4 MB of free space. 
    • You must have a VT Markets or other brokerage account that you can use to log in to MT4 for iPhone once it’s downloaded. 

    How to download MetaTrader 4 iPhone app

    Here’s how you can download MT4 for iPhone via the Apple App Store:

    • Open the App Store on your iOS device. 
    • Search for MetaTrader 4.
    • Tap “install” and wait for the process to complete. 

    Once you complete the MetaTrader 4 iPhone download, you can set up your trading account. If you have a live account or demo account on VT Markets, you can connect it immediately and start trading. Here is the process for taking this step:

    • Open the MT4 app. 
    • Tap “Settings” in the lower corner (right-hand side) and select New Account. 
    • You will see and tap an option for “Login to Existing Account.” 
    • Scroll down to find the Live and Demo options for VT Markets. 
    • Use your regular login credentials to connect your account to your iPhone. 

    You should then have full access to all the mobile trading features available on MT4 for iPhone. 

    How to learn to trade after you download MT4 for iPhone app

    If you are new to MT4 and currency or CFD markets, you can learn forex trading using a MetaTrader 4 demo account. This option is an effective learning tool because it uses live market data and the conditions you would experience when trading with real money. 

    Mistakes are inevitable as you begin trading. With a demo account, you can learn from your mistakes without actually losing your capital. This approach saves you money and mitigates stress as you learn how to navigate markets using MetaTrader 4. 

    Once you feel confident, you can switch to a live account and begin trading. 

    Advanced traders can keep their demo account and use it to try new strategies in a low-stress environment.

    The MetaTrader 4 iPhone app offers back-testing as well. This feature lets users rewind the markets and test their strategies using historical price data. This approach is especially effective for testing automated strategies. 

    If you are new to forex and CFDs, you can visit VT Markets to open a demo account and build your confidence before diving into real-money trading.

    The features available on MT4 for iPhone

    The MetaTrader 4 mobile platform has many of the features of the desktop and web versions.

    Obviously, for many traders, the primary feature is the ability to stay connected to markets once you step away from your desktop. You will not be tied to your computer while you have open positions. 

    Also, with some mobile trading apps, you have to sacrifice features, which could make implementing your strategy difficult. With MT4 for iPhone, however, that is not the case. Here are the features you get to enjoy:

    • Important order options — The MetaTrader 4 iPhone app has all the order types available on the desktop version. You can set limit orders or execute trades immediately with market orders. Meanwhile, stop-loss and take-profit orders can help with risk-reward setups.
    • A dedicated trade window — You can monitor open positions with a special trade window. This feature helps you stay up to date regardless of your location. 
    • Multiple chart types — The app allows you to track price action with bar, candlestick, and broken line charts.
    • Nine different time options — iOS users can access short and long-term timeframes. The options include 1-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, 1-hour, 4-hour, 1-day, 1-week, and 1-month charts.
    • A full range of technical indicators — Mobile traders have access to 30 technical indicators, including Bollinger Bands, RSI and stochastic oscillators, and moving averages. 
    • Support access — Users can contact support via chat or email directly from the app.
    • Analytical tools — MT4 for iPhone also offers objects for additional analysis. For example, you can create trend lines and calculate Fibonacci retracement ratios. 
    • News feed — Traders can access important market news and get alerts on their iPhones.

    You can use the same login credentials for mobile and desktop versions, so MT4 can serve as your complete trading solution regardless of location. 

    Markets you can trade with MT4 for iPhone

    MetaTrader 4 is popular with market players who focus on forex and derivatives, such as contracts for difference (CFDs). Here is a look at the markets you can access after you download MT4 for Apple iPhone: 

    • Currency — Forex pairs trade 24 hours per day on a global marketplace. You can trade AUD/USD, USD/JPY, and dozens of other markets at any time with your mobile app.
    • Index CFDs — Stock market indices like Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), S&P/ASX 200, and FTSE 100 provide exposure to the most important markets in a given country. CFDs allow you to invest in these markets using leverage, even if you are outside the home country where they are traded.
    • Stocks — Shares and CFDs track major stocks from around the world. You can trade blue-chip companies even if you lack a full stock brokerage account. 
    • Metals — Gold and silver offer both trading and investing opportunities. You can access spot markets like XAU/USD (gold) and XAG/USD (silver) for day trading or hedging against inflation or market uncertainty.
    • Energies — Brent and WTI crude oil markets, along with natural gas, have the features and volatility to attract speculation from traders willing to take on more risk. You can use MT4 to track and trade these markets using futures or CFDs. 
    • Other commodities — So-called soft commodities, such as cocoa, coffee, sugar, soy, and wheat, offer an alternative to other forms of investment. These assets have different features, such as seasonal price fluctuations and yield data, which make them an interesting alternative for traders who want to speculate on commodities.
    • Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) — ETFs track industries, economies, or sectors. They use a collection of stocks, bonds, futures, and other assets to follow specific markets. You can access these funds directly from a stock brokerage account, making them more accessible than mutual funds. However, you can also use CFDs to track and profit from the price movements of ETFs from major global markets.

    The best way to access all these markets and investment instruments is with MetaTrader 4 and a trusted CFD broker like VT Markets. 

    Invest in forex and CFDs with MT4 for iPhone and VT Markets

    VT Markets offers access to all versions of MetaTrader 4. 

    You can use a laptop or desktop with a PC, Mac, or Linux OS to download the full version of MT4. The platform is also available for web-based trading via a browser. Then, you can invest anywhere with Android and iOS apps.

    If you choose VT Markets, you can enjoy a fast account setup. You can be ready to trade in three steps: open an account, find it, and download and log in to MetaTrader 4.

    VT Markets has more than a thousand CFDs tracking the world’s most traded markets. Trading is low-cost, thanks to variable bid/ask spreads that approach 0 pips. You can also take advantage of promotional offers, such as a deposit bonus, to increase your capital. Additionally, VT Markets offers free trading and analytics tools for all traders who open and fund an account. 

    VT Markets also offers a MetaTrader 4 demo account option, so you can learn the ins and outs of trading before investing capital in the market. 

    If you want to enjoy these benefits, open an account, download the MetaTrader 4 iPhone app, and begin trading. 

    You can contact VT Markets anytime if you have any questions or concerns.