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10 May 2024
How the Federal Reserve can influence your next latte 

Interest rates matter more than you think. Learn how the Fed’s policies can affect commodity prices. Imagine starting your day with a warm, inviting latte. As you savor the rich aroma and creamy texture, you’re unwittingly experiencing the end result …

9 May 2024
Copy trading to kickstart your journey as a day trader 

With day trading being perceived as one of the most profitable side gigs, a good majority of new day traders are scrambling to learn how to get started. Granted that the financial markets are constantly changing, there are so many …

6 May 2024
Election years could be profitable for political traders

Political shifts may sometimes present unprecedented opportunity. Learn how in this article. When elections are looming, politics take the center stage. It’s hard for anyone to ignore the buzz, especially the US elections. These events can really shake up the …

2 May 2024
4 reasons why traders flock to safe-haven gold during global political tensions

Gold is essential for your diversification strategy. Learn how to protect your portfolio. With recent occurrences such as geopolitical tensions and climate change, the markets have become more unpredictable than ever before. This can be tricky for anyone trying to …

30 April 2024
The Lambo Dream: What is Day Trading and How to Get Started?

Pictured: Your dream lambo Can day trading make you rich? Are all the stories portrayed over social media true, that day traders would all be sipping pina coladas at the beach all day everyday, changing their Lamborghinis as they wish? …

29 April 2024
Sakura Viewing in Japan is Now Cheaper with Weakening JPY 

Pictured: You enjoying the beautiful sakura beneath a pastel blue sky While the entire of Japan has been seeing the Sakura blossom throughout April, the Japanese Yen continued to depreciate following the announcement from the Bank of Japan on maintaining …

26 April 2024
Forex Scams Are Why You Need a Good Broker

With forex brokerages a dime a dozen these days, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a good broker. With each broker touting a variety of selling points and gimmicks, traders today are overwhelmed from information overload – making them …

5 April 2024
Top 10 Forex Trading Strategies to Master in 2024

Embarking on a journey into the trading landscape can often resemble stepping into an intricate labyrinth without a guiding map. However, arming yourself with a set of strategic approaches can empower you to traverse the financial markets with assurance, unlocking …

31 March 2024
Simple strategies for trading on news

source: Canva Have you ever noticed that some traders seem to know where the market will move before it happens? They’re probably using a method called “trading based on news.” Think of it as being like a money detective, always …

15 March 2024
10 rules to trade like a pro 

Trading has become increasingly popular among non-professionals, offering both enticing opportunities and daunting risks. While the potential for profit and portfolio diversification attracts many, the reality of market uncertainty and emotional challenges cannot be ignored.  To navigate this landscape successfully, …