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VT Markets APP,a brand new way of intelligent investment.

  • Why use VT Markets APP?

    VT Market APP is an outstanding mobile foreign exchange trading platform which perfectly integrates foreign exchange trading system and mobile internet technology. This APP combines the functions of information acquiring, foreign exchange trading, big data analysis, intelligent reminder system and foreign exchange knowledge learning. The one-stop service meets users’ requirements of conducting foreign exchange trading whenever and wherever possible.

  • Trading whenever and wherever possible!

    Whenever you do foreign exchange trading , VT Market APPcan easily suit your trading needs.With seamless connection between VT Markets APP and MT4, users can conduct foreign exchange trading whenever and wherever possible just by opening a smart-phone.

  • Strong trading system, flexibly setting stop-profit/loss points!

    VT Market APP is equipped with powerful trading chart function and an order management system, providing accurate K Chart for users. Users can flexibly set stop-profit/loss points based on trading habits and risk tolerance. Besides, the trading module can set up personal reminders to provide users real-time transaction conditions.

  • Multidimensional report helps users optimize transaction mode!

    VT Market APP has a complete transaction data analysis system. Users can optimize their trading mode by analyzing data from multiple dimensions, such as trading volume, trading products, profit deals, profits and losses, trading modes, etc.

  • Hot spots of foreign exchange market,free chat of trading experience!

    The Information Forum section carefully prepares foreign exchange “breakfast” and deep analysis articles, providing users real-time push of hot spots of foreign exchange market and comprehensive analysis of the market. In the sections of Topic of the Day and Moments users can share trading strategies and investment experience.

  • Various knowledge feasts, easy to learn!

    The Lecture sectionprepares various interesting knowledge feasts for foreign exchange beginners. There are A-list experts teaching foreign exchange knowledge to help the users master foreign trading skills.



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