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Trading Forex in the Philippines

March 2, 2023
Trading forex in the Philippines with VT Markets VT Markets is an International Forex Broker with more than 1000 instruments

Trading Forex in the Philippines

As more investors are attracted to Forex Trading in the Philippines, it is important to get the right broker for the job. VT Markets Philippines offers over 1000+ instruments and an ultra-low trading cost for our users. Hence, visit our home page to find out more promotions. Meanwhile, let us talk about Forex Trading in the Philippines in this article.

Forex is one of the largest and most liquid market in the world, where about 5 to 6 trillion USD are being traded daily. Similarly in the Philippines the estimated daily trading volume in the Forex market in the Philippines is about 1 billion USD. So why is Forex so popular in our country?

Firstly, Forex is a 24/5 market which allows traders to trade from anywhere and anytime from Mondays to Fridays.

The following is a breakdown of the forex market hours in each major time zone:

  • Sydney (Open 10:00 pm GMT, close 7:00 am GMT)
  • Tokyo (Open 12:00 am GMT, close 9:00 am GMT)
  • London (Open 8:00 am GMT, close 5:00 pm GMT)
  • New York (Open 1:00 pm GMT, close 10:00 pm GMT)

A picture shown below depicts a substantial short for EUR/USD, presenting a potential opportunity for profitable short trades.

A picture of EURUSD Forex Trade Data Sample for users to take note

Besides the flexibility, it is possible to generate passive income from Forex trading if do your own research. However, do take note of the risk of losing if you do not have prior experience in trading. Thus, it is advised to attend some classes before diving into any trading mechanisms.

Secondly, the market is extremely volatile, therefore, making the return of investment attractive for trades despite the high risk involved. Apart from that, the initial investment required to start Forex trading is lower compared to other trading markets. That being said, it is important to analyze your financial situation before making any trades in the Forex market.

Lastly, Forex trading is easier to understand as it involves buying and selling currency pairs. Furthermore, news about the markets can help make a better decision when executing a trade. Thus, these are the reasons why, even with high risk, many people are attracted to Trading Forex in the Philippines.

Visit this link for more information about how to begin trading in Forex.

You can also read more about this complete guide for forex.

Are you someone who already tried trading in Forex? Click on the link below to start trading with a live account.

Trade Forex in the Philippines with VT Markets

FAQ about Forex trading in the Philippines

I am ready how can I start trading Forex in the Philippines?

If you researched and think you are ready to start trading, we would recommend you to try our demo account first. Thereafter, learning how to use the platform before starting your first real money trade. Try to start a few trades with a small amount of real money to understand the risk involved before making bigger trades.

Try this forex calculator to calculate profits and losses possibilities.

Is there any sure-win strategy?

Unfortunately, there is no sure-win strategy for any form of investment. All investments have risks and you should always understand what kind of risk you are facing before making a trade. Hence, it is important to do research and study the market for Forex Trading.

Why use VT Markets Philippines?

VT Markets Philippines is an international Forex Broker which is reliable with an ultra-low trading cost for currency trading. Apart from that, we provide free and powerful trading tools for you to analyze the market. Additionally, our brand provides bonuses to new users to encourage trading in the safest way.

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