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Berdagang Mata Wang, Emas dan banyak lagi

Muat Turun

Hadiah Emas

Sertai kempen eksklusif kami dan dapatkan ganjaran
apabila anda berdagang XAUUSD.

Tebus ganjaran apabila anda memenuhi keperluan
deposit minimum dan volum dagangan:

pulangan tunai untuk meningkatkan lagi dagangan anda atau;

bar emas Habib 999.9 yang tulen dan serba baharu

Tempoh Kempen: 1 Januari hingga 31 Mac 2023

Mengapa berdagang Emas?

Emas adalah salah satu instrumen dagangan
yang paling digemari di kalangan pedagang.

Ramai pedagang memilih emas sebagai
lindung nilai terhadap inflasi dan aset yang selamat.

Menikmati dagangan emas dengan spread terendah di VT Markets

Cara untuk menyertai kempen ini

Promosi ini tersedia untuk semua pelanggan baharu dan sedia ada yang:

• mempunyai akaun dagangan langsung dengan VT Markets dan,

• telah membuat deposit sekurang-kurangnya $50

  • Deposit

    Depositkan sekurang-kurangnya
    $50 ke dalam akaun dagangan
    langsung anda

  • Dagangan

    Berdagang XAUUSD
    pada VT Markets

  • Tebus

    Tebus ganjaran
    menarik pilihan anda

Lebih banyak anda berdagang, lebih baik hadiah anda!

  • Jongkong Emas
    Habib 999.9 (10g)

    Gross deposit (USD)

    $30,000 dan ke atas

    Lot didagangkan

    470 lot

  • Jongkong Emas
    Habib 999.9 (5g)

    Gross deposit (USD)

    $20,001 - $30,000

    Lot didagangkan

    245 lot

  • Jongkong Emas
    Habib 999.9 (2.5g)

    Gross deposit (USD)

    $10,001 - $20,000

    Lot didagangkan

    125 lot

  • Jongkong Emas
    Habib 999.9 (1g)

    Gross deposit (USD)

    $5,001 - $10,000

    Lot didagangkan

    60 lot

  • Rebat tunai

    Gross deposit (USD)

    $2,001 - $5,000

    Lot didagangkan

    30 lot

  • Rebat tunai

    Gross deposit (USD)

    $1,001 - $2,000

    Lot didagangkan

    15 lot

  • Rebat tunai

    Gross deposit (USD)

    $501 - $1,000

    Lot didagangkan

    8 lot

  • Rebat tunai

    Gross deposit (USD)

    $100 - $500

    Lot didagangkan

    3 lot

Lihat Terma dan Syarat

VT Markets VTreat Campaign (MY) Terms and Conditions

This promotion is offered by VT Markets LLC (herein “the Company” or “VT Markets”), to the Company’s clients.


  • This offer is available to all new and existing clients of VT Markets, who have registered a live account, and have deposited more than $50 with VT Markets.

  • New clients must open a new live account with VT Markets (meaning, not a “demo” account), and have a minimum initial deposit of $50. By opening a new account with VT Markets, the client acknowledges they have read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and VT Markets’ Terms and Conditions.

  • This offer is eligible on valid STP, ECN and Swap-free accounts.

  • This offer can be used in conjunction with other offers from VT Markets. The deposit amount will be calculated based on the total gross deposit amount, and any credit bonus or no deposit bonus will not be counted as part of the gross deposit.

  • For clients who have multiple trading accounts under the same identification card, VT Markets will combine the gross deposit amount and trading volume.

  • Only trades for Gold (XAUUSD) during the activity period will be accumulated and counted towards the trading volume requirement.

  • Application and review process:

    1. The activity period is from 1 January – 31 March 2023. VT Markets will calculate the accumulative gross deposit amount and trading volume only within the activity period.

    2. Client can apply to redeem any prize only ONCE anytime within the activity period, should both the gross deposit and trading volume requirements are met.

    3. 7 April 2023 will be the last day to apply for any prize redemption. VT Markets will not accept any application for redemption after 7 April 2023, and the client will waive the right to claim the prize.

    4. VT Markets will review and process your application within 2-3 weeks after the promotional period ends and will notify you within this period.

    5. The prize items cannot be redeemable for cash unless specified otherwise.

  • If VT Markets is unable to fulfil delivery of the gift(s) to the client’s address due to force majeure factors (gift out of stock, logistics problems, etc.), VT Markets will transfer the amount to the customer’s trading account according to the cashback value corresponding to the term.

  • VT Markets reserves the right to stop or refuse the client’s participation in the promotion if any of these rules are breached or there is any suspected abuse of the promotion.

  • Fraudulent, multiple, or incorrectly completed applications will not be accepted. VT Markets will not be responsible for any lost, late, incomplete, illegible, or misdirected entries.

  • Examples of abusive activities (but not limited only to the below):

    1. Using someone else’s account to maliciously increase trading or transaction volume regardless of risk, resulting in huge losses in the account.

    2. Hedging trading positions internally (using other trading accounts held with VT Markets) or externally (using other trading accounts held with other brokers).

    3. Taking advantage of technical loopholes to generate a large number of invalid orders.

  • The prizes listed are subject to availability. VT Markets cannot guarantee that the prizes offered will be available during the time of redemption. Clients acknowledge and agree to receive the value of the promotion in the form of a balance credited into their account, should VT Markets be unable to ship the prize under this promotion or if the prize is no longer available for purchase.

  • VT Markets shall not be responsible or liable for any delays in providing the prizes to the client. VT Markets will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the prize to the client within 30 days.

  • VT Markets shall not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect, special, or consequential loss or loss of profits), cost, expense, or damage which is suffered or sustained in connection (directly or indirectly) with the use of the Promotion.

  • This program can be retracted at any time of VT Markets’ choosing and account eligibility will be subject to our discretion.

  • Any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms will be resolved by VT Markets at its sole discretion.

*The above prizes are mainly based on the actual purchase of goods, any specific request for style, model and colour will not be entertained.

*The value of the deposit amount is in US dollars GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLIED. Listed in a separate file.

Laman ini menggunakan kuki untuk memberikan pengalaman pengguna yang hebat kepada anda.
Dengan menggunakan vtmarkets.com, anda menerima dasar kuki kami.