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Looking to get started in the world of trading? Or maybe you're a seasoned trader looking for a way to boost your earnings?

Either way, VTrade is the perfect platform for you!

VTrade is a social trading platform where beginners and experienced traders work together in a mutually beneficial way to maximise your earning potential.

How it works

Surf through the ratings of our traders and follow the best ones that you think will work for you. Copy their strategies with just a few Clicks.

We analyse the traders' performance in real-time, allowing you to be 100% sure about your choice.

By engaging in VTrade, you can eliminate the potentially harmful factor of emotion and the error-prone human factor from their trading practice. You can take advantage of the fact that VTrade Signal Providers are active in every timezone and grasp opportunities in the 24-hour market without the need to be in front of their PC all the time or have professional financial training.


Level up your trading game by becoming a Follower. Follow experienced traders and copy their trades so you can profit without the hassle of watching the markets and reading charts all day.

  • Trading made easier

    Save time by following the right Providers and copying their trades automatically.

  • High transparency

    Browse our leaderboard and compare the Providers’ performance and profitability.

  • Adjust your trade size and risk tolerance

    You get to decide how much you want to invest in and allocate to each Provider.

  • Gain exposure to different markets

    You can follow multiple Providers who trade different asset classes to diversify your portfolio.


Boost your income by becoming a Provider. Share your trading setups and strategies with your Followers and be rewarded. The more Followers you have, the more you'll make.

  • Earn extra income

    On top of your profits, you get to earn a sizable commission when your Followers make profits.

  • Flexible fee structure

    Categorise your strategies into different offers and earn customisable performance income from your Followers.

  • Build a name for yourself

    Get featured on the top spots on the leaderboard and be seen by more potential Followers.

  • Robust and intuitive dashboard

    Get an overview of the number of Followers and commission earned every month.

Follow the best of the best

Check out our top 10 experienced Providers on VTrade.

Start copying their trades in just a few clicks and watch your account grow.


Get your questions answered and start copy trading today.

  • If a follower trades in USC while the provider’s account is in USD, what is the minimum amount for providers to collect fees?

    The minimum amount is 0.50 USC, based on the minimum carry mechanism of MT4.

    If the provider wishes to collect fees for lower than 0.50 USC, they will need to open a USC account.

  • What should I take note of when trading with USC accounts?

    If you trade with the Autoscale mode, please pay close attention to your Risk Ratio setting.

  • What is the calculation for Autoscale mode?

    Provider's volume * (Follower's fund / Provider's fund) * Risk ratio = Follower's volume

  • What is the calculation when trading with USC and USD accounts?

    The calculation will involve the ratio of funds between providers and followers.

    Example 1: The provider's fund is USD5,000, the follower's fund is USC5,000, and the Risk Ratio is 1 by default.
    If the lot size opened by the provider is lower than 1 lot, the follower will not be able to copy the order normally because the lot size is lower than 0.01, which is the minimum lot size of the MT4 software.
    If the lot size opened by the provider is 1 lot, the follower will need to copy the order of 100 lots, according to the rules.

    Example 2: The provider's fund is USC5,000, the follower's fund is USD5,000, and the Risk Ratio is 1 by default.
    If the lot size opened by the provider is 1 lot, the follower will copy the order of 100 lots according to the rules, the prepayment is likely insufficient to copy the order, or the position is instantly full and stop-out.

Join VTrade in 3 simple steps

The following is a step-by-step guide to launch VTrade:

  • Open a trading account with VT Markets.

    Open a Live Account
  • Choose between becoming a Follower or a Provider and complete the registration steps.

    Login to VTrade
  • Login to your VTrade portal. For Followers, start choosing a Signal Provider to follow. For Providers, set up your trades and offers.

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