Unlimited MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Demo Accounts for Live Account Holders

As MetaQuotes gradually focuses on the promotion and development of MT5, VT MARKETS has also conducted in-depth layouts on MT5 and will gradually lead its customers to adapt and accept MT5. We are in the process of changing from MT4 to MT5 come. MT5 has a more professional and complete trading system flow; its features for investors are more comprehensive; orders thrown are more in line with the norms, It is likely that MT5 will replace in MT4 in the next certain period of time. VT MARKETS will also continue to develop MT5 related functions and provide investors with the MT5 tutorial

Powerful CRM System

VT MARKETS has a powerful CRM system. Customers can have the most advanced transaction technology and experience in the industry regardless of their choice of MT4 / MT5, and they can access to the entire background timely from the powerful CRM system.

VT MARKETS is committed to providing investors with the best foreign exchange trading experience, with more than 50% of the team participating in R & D, aiming to continuously improve and provide the best technical and trading environment and to provide the best foundation for investors' trading and service.

Efficient Processing

Efficient decision-making has also been a critical factor of VT MARKETS’s success. The approval process of a project in VT MARKETS, from proposal, modification to release is never tedious.

VT MARKETS pursues an efficient operation and review system. This will help VT MARKETS solve every problem of investors in minimal time.

Technological Inovation

VT MARKETS focus on technological innovation and technical cooperation. We have in-depth cooperation with Amazon and Ali Cloud on IT in terms of server security, ECS cloud server, big data and artificial intelligence.

We have completely autonomous high-end technology and a great research and development team on bridge, LP liquidity technology, main server and DC server.

Outstanding IT Teams

VT MARKETS possess globally top IT talents and professional teams in APP and CRM research and developing. All VT MARKETS’s technology is researched, developed and updated on its own.

Along with incessant adjustments and improvements, VT MARKETS’s products will meet every customer’s demand. Our IT talents try their best to finish and release our IT products as soon as possible, which will no doubt be a key factor of VT



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